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Month: August 2017

Four Benefits Of Backyard Farming Or Gardening

Published / by Geraldina Longo

These days most people are trying to connect more with nature and get more involved in hobbies such as gardening or backyard farming. Additionally, you will also enjoy a more pleasant outdoor surrounding complete with farm animals if you wish to have fruit trees or vegetable patches – and help the environment as well. You need not have a large space to have a backyard farm, some people living in cities have even started hobby farms on rooftops or choose to use balcony space for growing fruits or vegetables.

Growing Your Own Produce

It’s actually quite rewarding to put effort into growing something from scratch, and you won’t have to go shopping for certain vegetables, herbs, fruits or eggs. You can even grow vegetables that can be included in gourmet recipes and use them in your own cooking or even create pickles or jams. Growing your fruits or vegetables will also give you the chance to have fresh items that you are not genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides.

Small Business Possibilities

If you are planning on taking your farm seriously, you can consider making a small profit as well. Of course if you plan on supplying items such as eggs, find out how much equipment such as chicken coop nesting boxes, food supplies and more cost. People are very keen on organic, fresh fruits and vegetables. If you actively pursue growing your own produce, try getting into farmer’s markets and introducing what you have grown or products that have been made. Visit this link for more info on chicken coop nesting boxes.

It’s Good For The Environment

Planting more trees, bushes or creating vegetable patches will add more greenery to the surrounding which will look more pleasing. You can even start composting – and use the compost to fertilize your garden or farm – which is great for the environment. Additionally, free range chicken who can roam around your garden eating from special poultry feeders or helping you get rid of insect or grubs will be treated better and produce quality eggs as well, rather than birds who are cooped up in a cage.

Get Better And Pesticide Free Produce

Fresh, organic and pesticide free fruits, herbs and vegetables from your garden or farm – what could be more rewarding after putting in some time and effort? Your health will also improve in quite a few ways. Not only will you be consuming fresh food that is not sprayed with chemicals or that is genetically modified, but you will be more encouraged to include fruits and vegetables into your diet as well – which is great for a healthy lifestyle.

Three Of The Most Popular Types Of Cupcakes In The World

Published / by Geraldina Longo

If you turn to a person next to you and ask them list their top five favorite desserts of all time, you are bound to hear “cake” in their somewhere. This is because cakes have become such a vast and popular dessert item in the world, and the best part is it is not even eaten as a dessert most of the time. People tend to buy and eat cake whenever they feel like it! As we cannot always buy a whole cake when we please, cupcakes have come in to the game and have claimed their top spot. Cupcakes as we know are a delicious dessert or snack that almost everyone loves to eat, and it is also very easy to make as well which leads to tons of people baking cupcakes daily. It is easy to find cupcakes in plenty of stores across every country and along with the cakes the flavors too change depending on culture. As there are hundreds of different cupcake flavors to choose from, we have bought the list down to the top three most popular cupcake flavors.

Red velvet

Red velvet cupcakes are taking the number one spot for the most popular type of cupcake or cupcake flavour among hundreds in the world. These cupcakes come in a stunning red color along with various toppings such as cream cheese or butter frosting etc. And the use of such unique toppings gives that extra pop to this cupcake. They also have, as said by experts, a very unique and mature taste when compared to other cupcakes, which again could be a reason for its popularity.

The Chocolate

Chocolate cupcakes manage to take the second spot in the most popular cupcake flavours in the world, but it is not much of a surprise as everyone loves chocolate! Young or old, no one can say no to a bit of delicious chocolate and what better to enjoy chocolate than eating a yummy cupcake. Chocolate cupcakes can also be made in a vegan manner so individuals who prefer vegan cupcakes can eat their share as well. Buying and eating a chocolate cupcake is the perfect way to make sure your inner child is smiling hard while you as an adult can experience what happiness tastes like!

Peanut butter

For people who do not have an extreme sweet tooth but still want to experience the unique taste of a cupcake, a peanut butter cupcake is the best choice. They are not so sweet but savory with a hint of sweetness in them. It is perfect if you want to treat yourself once in a while as we all should! Peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate mixed or a preferred frosting is going to explode your taste buds.

How To Lose Weight?

Published / by Geraldina Longo

With every passing day the number of people reaching the obese line is increasing. So how do you lose this excess weight? Oh! How you wish that a fairy godmother would appear out of nowhere and take all that fat away! But the truth is: you need to work hard, extremely hard to get that excess pounds off your body! Gaining weight is no big deal! But losing it is almost impossible. But, you can do it! Here’s how you can do it:


First and foremost you will need to have your mind set to losing the excess weight. It is very important that you are determined right from the beginning up until the end. You will need to be headfirst on your decision to lose weight. And nog get tempted easily and get laid back up temptations that may come past you as obstacles in your path to achieving your dream body. Always make sure that you believe strongly in losing weight and you are determined to achieve it!


Food is one of the most important things you should control if you plan on losing weight. Food is the key. The saying “You are, what you eat!” is one of the most famous and truest sayings ever. If you feed your body fatty, oily food and food with high volumes of sugar, you are definitely going to end up being obese. There is no second thought to that. Same way if you opt for healthy greenery and organic matcha in Australia food you can be sure of controlling your weight. However, you must keep in mind that by simply altering your diet you cannot lose all that fat. Yes you will lose weight but not all of it!


Water is a rather lesser known factor that helps the body increase the metabolism rate and help in faster digestion as well as inevitably reducing weight. There are specific times that when water is consumed has the best effect on the body. For instance, a slightly warm glass of water can help you lose weight if taken early in the morning on an empty stomach. Likewise, many researches have shown that drinking water whilst consuming food can cause bloating of the tummy and thus can cause huge tummies. It is advisable that you drink at least 2.5 Liters of water per day. Water to the body is as important as owning a best matcha tea set is to every homes cutlery!


Exercising regularly and the right exercises for your body type are two crucial factors that needs to be kept in mind by everyone. You need to exercise properly and in a routine manner to see the effects of it! Keep in mind that unless you combine all of the above four factors and practice them simultaneously you will not be able to achieve that dream body of yours!